Kylie Jenner Rushes Home After Wedding for the Best Reason Ever​

Kylie JennerAh, to be 16 and traipsing through Europe. It's every kid's dream, right? Well, maybe, unless your name is Kylie Jenner and you've been forced to endure an entire week of Kardashian wedding hoopla. After her big sister Kim tied the knot with Kanye West on Saturday, the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner crew basically bolted home to the comfort of friends.

The teenage reality star Instagrammed a photo on Sunday with Florence as a backdrop, with the simple caption, "goodbye," and by Monday was already back posing with friends. She captioned this one here, "reunited & it feels a little too good."


Kylie! You cannot say things like that! You're still a minor! Actually, as much as she may or may not want to sound provocative here, I think anyone that had been subject to so much "wedding of the century" frenzy would've felt a little too good to get back home and with friends. Especially as a teenager. Youths can be awfully moody, you know.

The reality star is still sporting her blue hair (can only imagine the fight that was with Kris before the ceremony), and she seems to be positively breathing in her friends as they lounge poolside in some tropical-looking paradise that is probably just her backyard. Like I said, it's rough to be a rich famous kid.

Although I still believe that the privilege of wealth and fame isn't enough to make up for being drug all over because your big sis has a flair for the dramatic. You know how teens are -- mere hours away from their friends can be torture. I don't blame Kylie a bit for feeling "a little too good" upon reuniting with them.

Would you be happy to be home with your friends if your sister was Kim Kardashian and you had just been to her ginormous wedding celebration with Kanye West?

Image via Kylie Jenner/Instagram

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