Kanye West Almost Ruined Kim Kardashian's Big Day With This Crass Joke

Kim Kardashian, Kanye WestKim Kardashian may have been lacy and sophisticated in her Givenchy wedding gown, but by the time she and her brand new hubby Kanye West hit the reception, they decided to get a bit more edgy. The newlyweds donned designer leather jackets with the words "Just" and "Married" on their backs while goofing off in their photo booth.

Both jackets were ordered ahead of time by Kanye, who opted for a Schott NYC design for himself, and similar-looking BLK DNM one for Kim. Wes Lang reportedly provided the custom embellishments on the backs.


All in all, very biker chic of the couple. Khloe Kardashian posted a picture of her sis and new brother-in-law showing off their duds on Instagram on Thursday, along with the caption, "'I've now joined the married gang. I'm ready to gang bang for my gang!' KW"

We're assuming she was quoting Kanye there, but technically she could've been talking about "Kim West." You know, except for the fact that Kanye is infamous for running his mouth, and this really does sound like something he'd say. As in, off the cuff, possibly incoherent, and not just a little bit offensive.

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It's great that the rapper is happy to join the "married gang." If a new husband can't be happy on his wedding day, there's probably not a lot of hope for the marriage. But what's unclear is the reference to gang-banging for the gang. Who is getting gang-banged here and why? Since when are rape jokes funny? And talk about inappropriate wedding conversation! Geez louise, Jeezy.

Needless to say, this remark is a long way from Kanye's 20-minute wedding toast in which he remarked that Kim is the "ideal celebrity, the ideal art."

Do you think Kanye's remark reported by Khloe was inappropriate?


Image via Khloe Kardashian/Instagram

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