Prince Harry Parties With a Girl the Queen Will Never Approve Of

Prince HarryCressida who? Clearly, Prince Harry has moved on from long-time girlfriend Cressida Bonas after breaking things off several weeks ago. Or is just sowing his royal wild oats? It's so hard to tell sometimes.

Regardless, the newly single prince hasn't been shy about hitting the scene and getting his flirt on. His latest stunt to regain his party boy reputation almost borders on the ridiculous though. It seems as though the younger prince spent time over the weekend with a go-go dancer named Paige Collins.


Although he has a much more "respectable" date planned for next month with an opera star at a public event, Prince Harry obviously doesn't want to be tied down by anyone who may be seen as a potential suitor and royal wife. Heck, if he wanted that, he'd probably still be with Cressida. 

Harry and his mates reportedly hit up Chakana Club in London at 1 a.m., where the entourage danced and drank the night away. Well, at least until 3 a.m. A source told The Sun that Collins (the go-go dancer) "caught Harry's eye," and she was invited to join the group.

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The lovely lady (assuming -- she did catch the prince's eye) tweeted about it later, saying, "So not everyday you get to dance and have vodka shots with Prince Harry! He's the most down to earth man considering he's still a prince."

Ah, nothing says "down to earth" like partying the night away doing vodka shots with a go-go dancer.

On the other hand, Harry has more royal duties than ever before, so he probably needs to blow off a little steam every now and then. Who can blame him for that? Especially if you add in the whole stress of his breakup with Cressida.

Harry's now serving as a liaison between the military and the royal family, as well as heading several charities and working to bring the Warrior Games to the U.K. He's doing his duties proudly and honorably, but it's no wonder the "spare heir" with a penchant for parties wanted to cut loose with a girl no one would approve of as a princess. Harry's got to be Harry, after all.

Do you think Prince Harry is returning to his old partying lifestyle or just blowing off some steam?


Image via UK in Italy/Flickr

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