Kim Kardashian Isn’t Giving North West What She Needs

Kim KardashianKim Kardashian and Kanye West must be enjoying a pint of Guinness about now. The pair jetted off from their nuptials in Florence, Italy for their honeymoon in an unlikely spot -- County Cork, Ireland. Ireland is absolutely gorgeous, but it doesn't have the glamour the couple are accustomed to. Still, perhaps that's what they wanted. One thing they didn't want was the squall of a baby disrupting their together time as husband and wife. That was evident by the fact that North West was sent off with grandma Kris Jenner.


Certainly every couple is entitled to a honeymoon alone. But are you beginning to get the feeling they are hardly ever with Nori? How much time could they have possibly spent with her over the past week of wedding festivities? And then there were all the trips they made to Paris for planning and dress shopping, etc., all sans Nori.

Not to mention this is like their third or fourth trip abroad without Nori -- and she was only born last year! Most new moms I know can barely bring themselves to take one night out with the girls when there's a new baby. It's like they've got some kind of invisible cable between their womb and baby. I'm not saying that's the best -- women should wean themselves off baby a little more if you ask me.

But this isn't Kim and Kanye's issue -- they are weaning just fine. In fact, if you look at pics of Nori with Kim, do you ever get the feeling she's confused? Like wondering who this person (mommy) is?

Anyway, I'll let Kim and Kanye enjoy their honeymoon. And Kris will enjoy her time with North West. And I'm sure there's a nanny or two in there somewhere.

Do they spend too much time away from North?


Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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