Nikki Ferrell’s Embarrassing Diva Moment Will Make You Cringe (PHOTO)

nikki ferrellWho doesn't love Nikki Ferrell? (Besides Juan Pablo -- JK.) Save for her being a poor judge of character when it comes to the men she dates, she seems like a lovely, kind, stand-up kinda gal. But is fame getting to her head?

Juan Pablo's girlfriend recently posted a photo to Instagram of a door. But wait! It wasn't any old door. It was a door with a star on it ... a door with a star with her name on it. That's right. Nikki's officially made it. She has her very own dressing room, and she wants the world to know it.


Along with the caption, "Well look at that! I've never had my own dressing room with my name on it! I can't even take it seriously. #photoshoot #toofunny," Nikki posted this adorable pic to her Instagram page for all her followers to see:


Has fame gone to Nikki's head? Has she been sleeping whilst listening to a CD that has subliminal messages by Juan Pablo on it, telling her to capitalize on her newfound fame? Does she still use CDs?!

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Ah, probably no to all of the above, right? Nikki just seems like she's super excited to have her own dressing room with a bright and shiny star on it. Hence, her, you know, posting it on Instagram.

For what it's worth, Nikki, we don't think it's that funny that you have your own dressing room. In fact, we think your name looks pretty damn good in gold.

Do you think fame has gotten to Nikki's head? Do you think it's about time Juan Pablo gets out of her head?


Images via Nikki Ferrell/Instagram

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