Jennifer Aniston's Maid of Honor Choice May Be a Major Snub to Courteney Cox

Jennifer Aniston and Courteney CoxIt looks like Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox may not be the close friends they once were. New reports suggest that Jen, who is set to marry Justin Theroux this summer, has dumped her old pal for Chelsea Handler instead.

According to Radar Online, Jennifer is leaning toward choosing Chelsea to be her maid of honor despite her decades-old friendship with Courteney. Uh oh. 


Apparently, the killer in Jennifer and Courteney’s relationship is that the Cougar Town beauty has been pushing Jennifer to get pregnant for years now. A source told Radar Online, "She’d much prefer to spend her time with someone like Chelsea, who would never tell her what she should or shouldn’t do.”

While it is totally up to Jen to decide on whether or not she wants to start a family, I don’t think that should be the reason why she’s distancing herself from Courteney, who likely just wants to see her friend happy. Unlike Chelsea Handler, Courteney has been with Jennifer since they first met on the set of Friends over 18 years ago and has done a great job of keeping her lips sealed when it came to her best friend’s private life. Chelsea, meanwhile, has had a hard time keeping her trap shut as she’s been behind quite a few negative headlines for Jennifer after she lashed out at Angelina Jolie for being a homewrecker during her stand-up acts. That, coupled with her drinking, makes her a loose cannon, and that’s something that Jennifer doesn’t need in her life right now with all the gossip fodder surrounding her private life. Besides, what's Chelsea going to think of that alcohol-free wedding Justin wants?

Now, of course it’s Jennifer’s ultimate decision as to who she wants to pick as her maid of honor, but sometimes we tend to forget about those friendships that have stuck with us over the years, despite the ups and downs in our relationship. Courteney has been there through thick and thin, and that’s something Jennifer should consider while Chelsea has only been there to pass the bottle of tequila around on the weekends.

Who do you think Jennifer should pick as her maid of honor for her wedding?

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