Rob Kardashian's Actions After Missing Kim's Wedding Are Seriously Concerning

Rob KardashianOther than the actual wedding itself, Rob Kardashian skipping Kim Kardashian's wedding has to be about the biggest damn deal of the entire weekend.

And while it does seem a little bit selfish of him to miss out on what might turn out to be the biggest day of his sister's life, you gotta give Rob props for refusing to pose for family photos -- something he was clearly very uncomfortable with due to his weight.

But now that we know why he left the wedding, we've been expecting him to make some sort of statement -- which he did, albeit it in sort of a disturbing way.


Get this one -- Rob deleted all of his tweets and started his feed completely over, posting Memorial Day stuff and also wishing Scott Disick a Happy Birthday.

Ok, so I get that he's over all of the wedding drama and cleared his tweets in an effort to make people forget about what happened -- but who else thinks making such a drastic move just goes to show how messed up the poor dude is right now?

It's like he's trying to completely erase his past in the hopes that no one will notice, which obviously backfired miserably. And while it's understandable that he wants to move on and have a fresh start, Rob is never going to get through what is clearly a difficult time in his life if he isn't willing to face the music.

He can delete as many tweets as he wants, but that doesn't change the fact that Rob is in need of help -- and also a huge wake-up call. Gah. Who knew packing on a few pounds would wind up being the least of his problems?

Do you think Rob is in denial about what happened?


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