Kim Kardashian & Kanye West's Honeymoon Spot is a Sweet Surprise

The wedding of the year is now behind us, which means one thing: we can now begin to obsess over every detail of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's honeymoon. Maybe you're thinking what I was -- they'll def choose the most exotic honeymoon spot any celeb has ever visited -- maybe a remote island shaped like a heart? But we're all wrong about this one. The newlyweds didn't have very far to go on their private jet when they left romantic Italy after their extravagant wedding weekend.

Kimye chose to vacation in the same country where mom and stepdad Kris and Bruce Jenner opted to honeymoon after their 1991 wedding. A sweet and total surprise, for sure.


The couple is spending five days in...Ireland! They reportedly landed at Cork Airport today and were driven by limousine to the exclusive five-star Castelmartyr Resort, where they booked -- what else? -- the presidential suite. A 5-day stay at the 17th century castle is apparently going to cost them $70,000. Chump change for them. They'll be able to golf, visit spas, eat at amazing restaurants -- you know, all the things they do in every other country on earth they've ever visited. Kim and Kanye are also expected to spend a day in Dublin before traveling home at the end of the week.

We wonder how much Kris and Bruce Jenner had to do with their decision, since they spent their honeymoon in Ireland, as well. Can't you picture Kris pulling out her photo album any chance she got to show off their old pics?

Honestly though, Ireland doesn't need any publicity at this point, since it already has a reputation as being a gorgeous travel destination. Plus, we hear Kanye has always had a soft spot for the Emerald Isle and we get the feeling he wears the pants in this relationship. A tropical island seems more like Kim's speed, but who knows -- she has certainly managed to surprise us with her understated wedding invitations and stunning bridal gown.

If you're wondering where baby North is, don't worry too much: the tot is reportedly enjoying Paris with grandma Kris while her parents honeymoon. Not too shabby for an 11-month-old.

Are you surprised Kimye chose Ireland as their honeymoon destination? Where did you think they would go?


Image via Francois Mori/AP/Corbis


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