Miley Cyrus' Terrifying Situation Is the Last Thing She Needs

Miley CyrusPoor Miley Cyrus. She's been dealing with a lot lately. First, her pooch Floyd died under mysterious circumsances, and Miley has been very open about how difficult that has been for her. Then she had an allergic reaction that sent her to the hospital for a week and forced her to cancel quite a few tour dates. Now she's being stalked by a disturbed man who has reportedly told detectives that he will not give up stalking her until she accepts him or he dies.


Devon Meek, 24, was arrested while attempting to meet Miley. He reportedly told police that he could hear Miley saying she "adored" him in one of her songs. He was placed in a psychiatric facility, where he remains. Scarily, he reportedly said that even after he is released from the hospital, he will not give up trying to get to Miley and that he will die trying to get to her.

Wow, terrfying. Miley was granted a restraining order, but legalities can mean nothing to a mentally disturbed person. One of the major downsides of fame is being stalked -- it happens to quite a few people in the public eye, both male and female. And it is nothing to take lightly. Rebecca Schaeffer, an actress on the '80s sitcom My Sister Sam, was killed by her stalker, who hired a detective to track down where she lived, and shot her in the chest on her doorstep.

These days, stars are much more aware of how dangerous these unhinged stalker types can be -- as are the authorities. Hopefully Miley will take every precaution. And I certainly hope this man gets the help he needs, or is kept away from Miley if he can't or won't stop this behavior.

This is the last thing Miley needs after all she's been through the past couple of months.

Are you worried for Miley?


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