Justin Bieber's New Job is Just What He Needs Right Now (VIDEO)

Finally -- we have some positive Justin Bieber news! Can you even remember the last time that happened? The pop singer, and sometimes alleged criminal, has a brand new gig, and we think it could spell the start of good things for him. Biebs will soon be able to add "TV host " to his resume -- he'll be appearing on So You Think You Can Dance when it premieres on May 28.


We hear Bieber has been a huge fan of the dance competition show forever and grew up watching the Canadian version. He and his choreographer are set to present a new feature in which different dance crews audition for the show and then the audience tweets which crew they'd like to see move on.

But don't get too excited. Selena Gomez's ex isn't going to have a huge role. Although producers admit they've been trying to work Justin into the program for some time, his segments were all shot in Cannes and it sounds like he may just be introducing each crew and reminding audience members to vote.

Still. This is a step in the right direction for Bieber, who has been losing his star power and slipping on the abstract "likeability" scale since getting wrapped up in all sorts of silly behavior. It's easy for us to forget that Justin really is a talented kid -- err, young man now -- who has impressive dance moves and could easily host a show for real. Need a reminder? Check out this video of him showing off his skills:

What do you think Justin should do next with his career in order to stay relevant?


Image via Justin Bieber/Instagram

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