Kim Kardashian's Insect-Covered Dress Is Totally Inappropriate (PHOTO)

Kim Kardashian

Man. She's really pulling out all the stops as far as making sure her fashion choices take center stage this week. Just wait until you see what Kim Kardashian wore to her wedding brunch, because it's jaw-dropping, to say the least.

You'd think she would've gone for something spring-y and fresh versus wearing anything remotely heavy, but for whatever reason, she opted for a more formal approach.

Oh, and the fact that her dress is covered in lace insects is probably worth noting too.

Check it out.


Kim Kardashian

Yikes! Maybe I'm a little bit biased because I'm oddly terrified of butterflies (weird, but true) -- but something about this look makes me want to hide my eyes and/or run for the hills. (Seriously, I'm probably going to have nightmares about that dress attacking me in the middle of the night.)

Oh, and I guess we shouldn't be all that surprised that her bra is hanging out a little bit. No Kim Kardashian look would be complete without a decent amount of exposed boob or cleavage.

But let's get back to the dress -- why in the world would anyone be comfortable wearing something with bugs all over it? (Even if they are fake.) I guess Kim was probably trying to go for a style that is symbolic of her transformation from single woman to Kanye's queen, but this frock does seem a bit over-the-top.

And on behalf of fellow flying insect haters everywhere, I hope we're never tortured with seeing it again.

Do you think Kim's dress is hideous or gorgeous?


Image via Instagram/Splash

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