Kim Kardashian Is Letting Kanye Do Something That Could Ruin Them

Kim KardashianIf you want to know all of the details of Kim Kardashian's wedding, there is one person you don't want to ask. And that would be Kim Kardashian. Not because Kim would never tell -- she just can't tell. Because reportedly, Kim don't know nuthin' 'bout no wedding.


TMZ reports that even TMZ knows more about Kim's wedding than Kim does. In fact, WE know more about it. Because supposedly Kanye is in charge of the whole shebang, and he hasn't told Kim word one about any of it. She's not even sure who she's marrying. (Little joke there.)

TMZ also reports that Kim and Kanye will exchange "I do"s not in Florence, as reported, but at the Palace of Versailles. But Kim doesn't know this.

Post-wedding, the crew will head to Florence to party at a 16th-century fort. Again, Kim is in the dark.

There's another big event in Florence, but Kim has no idea about it.

You get the feeling this is how the whole marriage is gonna go? Kim being blindfolded and kind of led around by Kanye? I've never pegged Kim for the Europe type; this is Kanye's thing. I can't help feeling that she would have been perfectly happy having the nuptials in her backyard in Los Angeles. Let's face it, Kim doesn't know Renaissance from "Wrecking Ball."

I wonder at what point Kanye is going to realize he didn't marry a sophisticated intellectual and she's going to realize she married a guy who's read Pygmalion one too many times.

Do you think this is a good way to start a marriage?

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