Katharine McPhee Finally Files for Divorce 7 Months After Kissing Scandal

Katharine McPheeIt appears as though Katharine McPhee has been unable to reconcile with her husband of six years, Nick Cokas. After a year of separation, the actress finally decided to end it for good and file for divorce. It's been a rough year for Kath -- her marriage fell apart, her show got cancelled, and she got caught in a media firestorm when she was caught kissing her married Smash director Michael Morris.

Gee, what already rocky marriage couldn't survive that? Katharine and Nick had been secretly separated for five months before she was snapped making out with Michael, but he was still very much married to the mother of his three small children, Mary McCormack.


Katharine's rep told Us Weekly:

After six years of marriage, and having been separated for the past year, Katharine McPhee has filed for a dissolution of marriage from Nick Cokas ... the two have an amicable relationship and will remain friends. They ask that people respect their privacy during this time.

Why do people always say they're going to remain friends? Can't we have just one celebrity announcement along the lines of, "They hate each other's guts, so be on the lookout for zings and possibly red carpet slap-fests"? Because that would be awesome.

Anyway, back to the scandal, because let's be honest, that's the juicy part. At the time a source said, "She is SO embarrassed she was caught ... she should have known better!" Well if she's SO embarrassed. Also, as long as she didn't mean to hurt anyone. Actually no, that's just a lame excuse when you're going around kissing someone else's husband when you're supposedly trying to decide if your own marriage is salvageable.

Mary was so pissed she reportedly kicked her cheating hubby out of the house, which apparently was enough to teach him his lesson, because they appear to have reconciled. Katharine and Nick obviously weren't so lucky to be able to move forward together.

Cheating sucks, but it's usually an indication of a much bigger problem in a marriage. Sometimes it's a big old wake-up call to make some changes and truly start loving your spouse again, or it's a sign that it's long past time to get divorced. Hopefully Morris is a reformed man and won't make that mistake again. And hopefully Katharine came to truly regret her actions and not just the getting caught part. If she's ever going to have an honest relationship with someone, she's going to have to be honest with herself.

Are you surprised it took this long for Katharine to finally call it quits on her marriage?


Image via Katharine McPhee/Instagram

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