Kim Kardashian's Dress Shows Just How Desperate She Is to Be Royalty (PHOTO)​

Kim KardashianAll hail Queen Kim Kardashian! Oh my, the reality star was snapped in Paris on Thursday looking positively royal, in dress channeling Marie Antoinette's lavish frocks. She wore the bejeweled pearl encrusted spectacle to her bachelorette party at Costes restaurant on the Rue St. Honoré in Paris. It is unknown if Kim let her guests eat cake.

It's only fitting, seeing as Kim and Kanye West have decided to host a private tour of the Palace of Versailles as a pre-wedding treat on Friday. The Palace is where the wife of King Louis XVI resided in luxury -- at least until the peasants revolted and had her beheaded.


Enough with the history lesson - let's talk about this dress! It is basically a sexified version of something ready for the royal court. It has a modest (if you can call pearl encrusted modest) bodice, but the super short skirt shows off Kim's amazing legs. All those pre-wedding workouts seem to have done the trick, because homegirl's legs are basically flawless.

Kim Kardashian

The mostly light blue dress was from Balmain's fall 2012 collection. The designer said the $20,000 gown was inspired by a Faberge egg given to Elizabeth Taylor by her then-lover Richard Burton. I'm sticking with Marie Antoinette.

Only the best for Kanye's queen. Seriously, how much do these two want to be royalty? Of course Kim already considers the Kardashians to be American royalty, but now she wants to copy all the royal things. They even reportedly hired a royal wedding coach to ensure their big day is as royal-y royal as possible.

 Do you think Kim Kardashian is obsessed with royalty?


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