Khloe, Kendall & Kylie Compete in Most Ridiculous Contest Ever


With the entire Kardashian clan (except Brody) in Paris for Kim Kardashian's wedding to Kanye West, now is the perfect time for the girls to take a group selfie. Khloe, Kylie, and Kendall all posed for a photo and added the caption, "Stuntin' on dem hoes in Paris!!!!" (Translation: I have no freaking idea.)


So let's take a good look at the "hoes," shall we? (Did you ever think there would be a day when "hookers" was used as a general description of women? And women use it too? Sigh.)

The three girls are in full makeup (absolutely no doubt a makeup artist accompanied them to Europe, especially since they'll be filming KUWTK), and they seem to be competing in some sort of trout pout contest. Not a dance-off, but a lip-off!

Kylie, though her lips are obviously plumped with filler, looks the most natural here. She loses. Khloe, with frosted lips, puckers herself into second place with an awesome rendition of a sparrow face -- a sport that Kim virtually invented. Judges give Khloe a 9.7, her scores somewhat lowered by that finicky Russian judge.

And Kendall, with bright crimson lips, takes the gold medal of duckface with her perfectly ducky pout.

Also, Kylie is still sporting blue hair. Hurry! There's time to dye it before the wedding!

Who had the best duckface?


Image via Instagram

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