Rihanna Gets Blasted by Bitter Celeb She Refused to Meet -- Guess Who?

RihannaRihanna got some flack recently for poking fun at a fan's tribute prom dress, but she's totally made up for that flub by doing what we'd all love to do -- personally reject and humiliate Charlie Sheen and his porn star girlfriend.


Apparently Charlie got wind that Rihanna was in the same restaurant where he and his fianceé, Scottine (who was formerly known as Brett Rossi and god only knows what made her change it), were dining. He sent over word that his lady was a big fan and they wanted to meet her.

But Rihanna was apparently not as impressed (shocker!) and denied the request. Shocked and humiliated, Charlie, as is his wont, went on a Twitter tirade. The entire thing is too lengthy to quote here, but some highlights:

I took my gal out to dinner
last night with her best
friends for her Bday.
we heard Rihanna was present as well.
I sent a request over to her table to introduce my fiancé
Scotty to her, as she is a
huge fan.

the word we received back was that there were too
many paps outside and it just wasn't possible at this time.

At this time? AT THIS TIME??
lemme guess, we're to reschedule another random
11 million to 1 encounter
with her some other night...?

no biggie for me; it would have been 84 interminable seconds of chugging Draino and
"please kill me now"
that I'd never get back.

My Gal, however,
was NOT OK with it.
Nice impression you
left behind, Bday or not.
Sorry we're not KOOL enough
to warrant a blessing from
the Princess.
(or in this case
the Village idiot)

Hard to believe she didn't want to meet him, right? What was she thinking? Maybe she wanted to digest her meal.

Sorry to break it to you, Charlie, but not everyone is a fan of bad TV and porno films. And after Chris Brown, maybe Rihanna is tired of abusers.

I have to chuckle at how much this pissed him off. And here Scottine (eye roll) probably thought since she was marrying a star, she'd get to meet all her idols. Wrong star to marry!

Do you think Rihanna made the right decision?


Image via avrilllllla/Flickr

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