Kim Kardashian's Crazy Sexy Look Is a Bit Much for a Family Dinner (PHOTO)

kim kardashianWhen you go out to dinner with your family, you wear jeans and a tank top. When Kim Kardashian goes out to dinner with her family, she wears a tight-fighting sexy black dress with a slit up to there and a low-cut V down to there.

Kim Kardashian had an Angelina Jolie moment (AKA "The Leg") while being photographed heading into a pre-wedding family dinner in Paris. Kim looked unbelievable in her sexy black ensemble, but sheesh, woman! No need to dial it up to a 10 when you're grabbing a bite with Mom and Dad! Save all the bells and whistles for your wedding. From here until the big day, it should be nothing but jeans, sweats, and super comfy t-shirts.


kim kardashian

There's no denying that the soon-to-be-Mrs.-Yeezy looks flat-out amazing here (those crazy pre-wedding workouts clearly have been, uh, working out). Her legs are toned; her cleav is ... ample as ever; and of course, she's got her signature Kardashian glow going on. But wow, a little on the fancy side for a dinner out with the fam.

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But that's our Kim. A Fancy Nancy 'til the days she dies. And that's why we love her. Lookin' good, mama!

What do you think of Kim's sexy "Angelina" look?


Images via Kim Kardashian/Instagram/Splash News

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