Kate Middleton 'Pregnant With Twins' Really Shouldn't Come as a Surprise

Kate Middleton

Sigh. When it comes to the tabloids, you'd think they'd get a little more creative now and then instead of constantly recycling old rumors. But apparently some stories are just way too juicy to let go of, which is why there's a report in the new issue of OK! Magazine saying Kate Middleton is pregnant with twin girls.

Yep. Apparently a source says, "William's beside himself with excitement" and that "he thinks it’s time for more girls in the family line."

Oh, and wait until you see the cover, because supposedly Kate is all giddy over the idea of dressing up her little princesses.


Ok magazine

Seriously? And they even went so far as to say the Palace has confirmed the news? Um, we all know that's not the case, so what gives?

(And don't even get me started on the "mommy weight" gain thing. OMG.)

Ok, so maybe the idea of Kate being pregnant with baby number two isn't all that far-fetched, considering it's not exactly a secret that she and Wills want more than one child. And she has been absent from some royal events lately, which has sparked more speculation that she could be expecting.

But for crying out loud, can the tabloids please quit jumping to conclusions about everything?!? (Don't answer that.)

By the time her child bearing years are over, I swear Kate will have been "pregnant" with about 20 sets of twins, and that might even be an understatement.

Huh. Can you even imagine what they would cook up if Kate really did turn up pregnant with twins? By the end of her second trimester, they'd probably have her knocked up with triplets or quadruplets, one of whom is not Prince Wiliam's.

Do you think there is any chance Kate is expecting twins?


Images via Bradley Kanaris/Getty; OK!

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