Robert Pattinson Treats Kylie Minogue Like a Piece of Meat

Robert Pattinson

Sorry, Kristen Stewart, but it appears as though your ex is officially moving on to greener pastures ...

You guys? In what has to be the best damn thing you'll see all week, a photo of Robert Pattinson admiring Kylie Minogue's butt while she performed in Cannes is floating around. It's clear from the look on his face that he likes what he sees.

I mean, he's staring at her ass and grinning from ear to ear like a little kid who's hiding a secret or something.


And I guess we can't really blame him, considering how great Kylie's rear end looks in that hot pink little number. What dude with half a pulse would be able to resist checking her out?

Oh, and did I mention that he appeared to walk over and give her a smooch after her performance? Oh yes, he did. I smell a Mrs. Robinson moment coming on.

Seriously, who else thinks a fling with an older woman might be exactly what Rob needs to get over KStew once and for all? At 45, I'm sure she could teach 28-year-old Rob a few new tricks, if you know what I'm saying.

The last thing he needs is another 20-something who isn't quite sure of who she is to break his heart all over again. Hooking up with a more experienced, mature woman really seems right up Rob's alley.

And as far as Kylie is concerned, I'm sure she'd be more than happy to take Rob for a spin, because duh -- he's Robert freakin' Pattinson and he's so hot, it's criminal.

Maybe this was nothing more than an innocent flirtation. But it certainly couldn't hurt either one of them if it turns into more.

Do you think Rob needs an older woman?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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