Snooki Reveals the Scary Truth About Her Single Days

snookiIt was just a few years ago when Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi was gallivanting all over the Jersey Shore in barely there clothes consuming lip gloss, men, and a whole lot of alcohol. Snooki was the girl people loved to hate on, and they did. Maybe she was an easy target with all that spray tan, but she managed to come out of the whole thing generally unscathed. I'll go as far to say she is extremely likeable -- I love her. Maybe it's because she's all into motherhood with her cute little 20-month-old guido son Lorenzo and a baby on the way. She's tamed those wild ways. Little did we know that those wild ways were on the verge of dangerous.

Snooki made quite the confession about the Jersey Shore years.


Nicole, let's call her, admitted that she was drunk all the time. Or should we say that Snooki was wasted and living life like it was one big party. And it was. At that time. Snooks told Access Hollywood Live:

I did every interview drunk ... it was literally like a party stage. It was like, 'This is awesome.' So I would drink all the time.

I don't regret it because it's brought me to where I am today. It's made me the person I am today. So I had to go through all of that crap to get to where I am.

Good for her. No regrets. I love her attitude. Of course there's video of those drunken exploits and she's going to have two kids to explain that to. On that topic, Nicole said, "If they see it, I'm just gonna be like, 'This is what not to do. Learn from my mistakes. And if you ever need me, just call me. Don't be scared and get in the car with somebody else.'" 

Perfect. Perfect. I'm so glad she made it through all of that and put it behind her. She shouldn't have to pay for her past "mistakes" forever. She lived. She learned. She's wiser. Maybe her kids won't do wild things because she did them. We can only hope. She managed to come out unscathed, but not everyone gets that lucky.

Did you realize Snooki was drunk just about all the time back in the Jersey Shore days? Have you also overcome something similar and put the past behind you?


Image via Snooki/Instagram

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