Emily Maynard Disses Chris Bukowski After Crashing 'The Bachelorette'

Emily MaynardAs if Emily Maynard didn't embarrass Chris Bukowski enough after rejecting him on her season of The Bachelorette, she's doing some serious trash talking thanks to his party crashing ways.

In case you haven't heard, Chris pulled a Shawntel Newton and showed up uninvited to Andi Dorfman's first Bachelorette cocktail party. Andi refused to see him and he was forced to leave despite his embarrassing begging. Awk-ward.

And now on top of the public humiliation, he also has to deal with his former flame making fun of him.

Check out this lovely little excerpt from Emily's blog:


Does he just sit out there and wait for hot girls to show up or what? Call me crazy, but I think the more reasonable, definitely less embarrassing decision would’ve been to call one of your mutual friends and get her phone number.

BURN. One point Emily, zero points Chris.

I guess he had it coming, right? I mean, the guy knew there was a good chance he'd be rejected once again on national television. In a way, he should be expecting this kind of backlash.

Do you think Emily's comments were a little too harsh?

Image via emilygmaynard/Instagram

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