Kendall Jenner Humiliates Herself in Totally Desperate Cry for Attention (VIDEO)

Kendall Jenner

Wow. If you thought Kim Kardashian was the most self-centered member of her family, wait until you get a load of this wacky video Kendall Jenner shared in celebration of something that exposes her for the attention-loving gal she is.

Wait for it ... Kendall reached 10 million followers on Instagram. She was apparently so jazzed about the insane level of popularity she's attained, she felt the need to get her groove on and put together a montage of sexy poses for our viewing pleasure.

And all I can say is, who knew she was so talented at grinding up and down on what appears to be a hotel hallway wall?


Check it out.

Wow. I can't decide whether to be happy for her because she's so damn confident or embarrassed on her behalf because this vid makes her look like a total fame whore. (Ok, I'm mortified for her.)

I mean, she's dancing around all over the place and trying to be sexy, but it really comes off as, "OMG ... everyone loves me, because OF COURSE they do!"

And given Kendall's flub at the Billboard Music Awards, you'd think she'd want to lay low for a couple weeks instead of putting herself back in the spotlight for something so, well ... lame. But then again, any attention, regardless of whether it's positive or negative, is usually seen as a good thing as far as the Kardashian and Jenner girls are concerned, so more power to her for causing a ruckus.

Do you think Kendall's video is sad or sexy?


Image via Instagram

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