Robert Pattinson's Description of Raunchy Movie Scene Makes Us Blush!

Julianne Moore Robert Pattinson

Whoa. I really don't know what's gotten into him lately, but it's clear he's ready to shed his shy vibe once and for all. After hearing Robert Pattinson talk about his sex scene with Julianne Moore in Maps to the Stars, it's kind of hard not to feel a little bit naughty.

Let me see ... how shall I put this? There's no polite way of saying it, so here goes nothing. Rob bangs Julianne in the back seat of a town car, which is reminiscent of his similar scene with Juliette Binoche in Cosmopolis, where he got busy in the back of a limo.

When asked about the two steamy "encounters" at Cannes, Rob relied on his humorous side to get over the awkwardness.


He joked that Julianne and Juliette were "both sevens" in the sack, but then added this little tidbit when asked who performed better. "Obviously, Julianne. It was a wonderful experience, just extremely sweaty."

And then he added, "There's not enough space to really do it. So she's banging her head on the ceiling. It ended up being kind of funny. But it's supposed to be kind of erotic."

Ok, who else thinks the idea of being in the back of any sort of vehicle with Rob and getting all sweaty while having your head banged against the ceiling actually sounds pretty darn appealing?

Sorry, but it's hard not to get all hot and bothered at the thought of it, especially given how hot Rob has looked since arriving in Cannes. Maybe simulating sex with older women is exactly what he needed to take his confidence to new heights?

Whatever the case, let's hope this new and improved version of Rob is here to stay. And let's hope he continues to talk freely and openly about the more risque aspects of his career.

Why do you think Rob is so confident all of a sudden?


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