Kim Kardashian Takes Sexy to New Heights Using Clever Accessory (PHOTO)

Kim Kardashian North West

Always making sure she looks her best is kind of a religion of sorts for her, but just wait until you see a new photo of Kim Kardashian and baby North West that was taken in Paris. You aren't going to believe how unbelievably sexy and put together she is.

Ok, so I know she has a whole team of people helping her out with her style, hair, makeup, and of course caring for Nori so she has time to primp. Still, you gotta give her props for being able to pull off looking absolutely stunning even while toting around a baby.

I think you'll agree that using North as her latest accessory just might be one of her winningest styles to date.


Kim Kardashian North West

Holy moly -- check out how tight that skirt is! And Kim certainly took a risk in wearing a light shade on her top half, since babies love to spill stuff all over their moms, but man -- she couldn't possibly look more glamorous.

And don't you love how North's outfit complements Kim's? It's almost like she planned what they wore accordingly so Nori wouldn't overshadow her.

(Uhh, I mean, not that she worries about stuff like that.)

Damn. I know most of us aren't privy to near as many luxuries as Kim, but doesn't her fab style serve as a friendly reminder that we don't have to sacrifice our hotness simply because we have kids? Who says we can't throw a little bit of sex appeal into the mix once in a while on days when yoga pants and/or jeans simply won't do?

Are you envious of Kim's amazing style?


Images via Instagram/Splash

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