3 Random Strangers Make Jaw-Dropping Music Outside Grocery Store (VIDEO)

3 strangers jam session"So good!" "I could watch this all day!!" "Brought tears to my eyes. The pure talent and ingenuity is mind boggling." "This makes me happy." I ask you, how many times are those sentiments the first thing you see in a YouTube comments section? Everyone is in love with the viral video of an impromptu jam session between three total strangers, and it's easy to see why: I defy you to watch it without smiling.

The clip shows a street musician playing his guitar and singing outside of a Kroger grocery store, when a random guy approaches him and joins in. That's pretty cool in and of itself, but then a third man joins the party ... and that's when things get really awesome.


I'm going to be SO bummed if it turns out this capricious moment was staged, but for now, let's assume it's exactly as it appears to be: a totally spontaneous performance by three strangers, which happened to be caught on video.

Check it out:

I have two favorite parts of this video. One is at 1:56 when the third guy almost goes in the store but decides to stay ("Bring it in," our unseen videographer says encouragingly), and the next is at 2:53 when he launches into the freestyle rap. What an absolutely amazing combination of skills and voices.

Do you think it's possible this video was staged? Or do you, like me, prefer to believe it was a spur-of-the-moment collaboration?

Image via YouTube

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