Beyonce Is Trying Too Hard to Convince Us Her Family Is Picture Perfect

Beyonce, Jay Z, SolangeBeyonce is working her social media accounts on overdrive to let us know that everything is indeed fine with her husband Jay Z and her sister, Solange. The chart topper has been busy sharing family-friendly photos on her Tumblr and Instagram accounts showing both Jay Z and Solange smiling and happy together following their altercation at the Met Gala earlier this month.

In leaked security footage (which I’m sure everyone has seen by now), Solange was allegedly screaming and kicking her brother-in-law during what looked like a pretty rough fight next to an elevator at The Standard Hotel in New York City. Since then, everyone has been whispering about what the fight could have been about, but according to Beyonce and her team, it was nothing more than just “family drama” that everyone deals with from time to time.


In true Queen Bey style, Beyonce recently posted photos of her family, which also include her mother Tina Knowles along with Solange’s son Julez and boyfriend Alan Ferguson, during a low-key gathering in New Orleans. In the pics, everyone is as happy as can be. Jay Z and Solange also show up in one frame together. Yes, families do fight, break up, and make up but it seems like Bey is going the distance here to protect her family’s brand and business.

Moves like this just add to the feeling that the Carter-Knowles are trying to hide something, and the big elevator fight must be even more juicy than what the gossip blogs are speculating. It’s just like all of those Fakebook friends who post 800 photos of their everyday lives and boast about how wonderful their husbands are when they get a rose for their anniversary.

While I understand Beyonce’s need to protect her brand, maybe a subtle photo here or there a few more weeks after the elevator incident would have been a little more convincing that everything is indeed “ok”. These photos, however, feel more than a bit transparent.

What do you think? Should Beyonce be aggressively pushing her “happy family” images as she has, or should she take a little break from her social media accounts and concentrate on her upcoming tour with her husband?

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Written for The Stir by Joanna Richardson

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