Jimmy Fallon & Terry Crews’ Nip Sync Duet Is Too Weird to Ignore (VIDEO)

jimmy fallon, terry crews

There is no doubt that Jimmy Fallon is the best sketch comedian in late night TV. The "Evolution of Mom Dancing" with Michelle Obama will go down as one of the best ever. Though Fallon may have topped himself with this newest one with actor Terry Crews. Behold the "Nip Sync Duet."


No way in the world did Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder imagine a rendition of their 1982 hit "Ebony and Ivory" like that. Greased up pectorals, moving to the beat of the music. It's as bizarre as it is mesmerizing.

For a minute, I actually thought, "Is that the hot bod Jimmy's been hiding under those suits??!!" It wasn't, of course. He can thank CGI effects for that jaw-dropping physique. But that was 100 percent Terry Crews. Honestly, we have seen boobs do a lot of things, but never THIS!

Are you impressed by their synchronized pecs?


Image via Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/YouTube

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