Khloe Kardashian Is Getting So Thin She Looks Like a Different Person (PHOTO)

Khloe KardashianDang. Kim Kardashian may be in the spotlight right now since her wedding is coming up this weekend, but after seeing Khloe Kardashian dressed in white from head to toe while jetting out of LAX to head to France? There's a very good chance she'll wind up stealing some of the bride's thunder on Saturday.

I know, I know -- we've seen pics of her looking hotter than ever over and over again during the past couple of months. It's obvious she's incredibly dedicated to her diet and exercise regime.

But pulling off looking slim in a pair of white skinny jeans isn't exactly an easy feat, which is why Khloe deserves a huge round of applause for this look.


Get a load of how tiny she is!

Khloe Kardashian

OMG. Didn't you have to do a double take at first to make sure this was really her? I mean, her legs are so skinny, she could almost pass for one of her younger Jenner sisters in this shot! (I said "almost.")

Whether you own a pair of white jeans or even if you've simply tried them on in a dressing room, you know all too well that they're not exactly forgiving when it comes to showing lumps and bumps. They typically add weight, which just goes to show how amazing Khloe's body is, given how svelte she looks in these things.

I know most women tend to put on a few pounds once they enter into a new relationship and are happy again, but it seems like having a new man in her life has only made Khloe even hotter. (It's about damn time she had some good luck come her way.)

Do you dare to wear white jeans?


Images via Instagram/Pacific Coast News

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