Snooki's Daughter Is 'Already Applying Lipstick' Before She's Even Born

SnookiIt seems like just yesterday (or last week!) that Jersey Shore star Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi was overwhelmed to find out that her second child is a girl. Hey, I don't blame her, girls are tough, man. They're all moody and emotional, and I may or may not be able to identify with her "Oh God, kill me" sentiments upon finding out her unborn little one is a daughter.

But for all the drama that little girls bring into your life, they also bring a lot of really cool stuff. Because as a mom, they're going to be into certain things that most sons won't be into. Like mani-pedis, sparkles, and lipstick. And from Snooki's most recent ultrasound, it looks like her little one is already totally girly.


The reality TV star shared a sweet sonogram pic of her unborn daughter on Instagram on Monday, clearly celebrating the fact that she's a girl. Baby girl can be seen holding her hand near her mouth, and Mama Snooki captioned it, "My baby girl! She's healthy and look, she's already applying lipstick," along with the hashtag #mygirl.

Oh my gosh, she totally looks like she's already going to give her mama a run for her money! Have you ever seen such perfectly puckered lips in an ultrasound pic?

OK, in all fairness, ultrasound pictures don't necessarily predict personalities. Heck, they're even wrong on the gender sometimes. But I think the most important part of this photo is that Snooki is totally and completely embracing the fact that she's having a daughter and not another son.

I have a feeling they're going to have a lot of super fun dress-up days. It's the cliche that older sisters dress their little brothers in princess clothes, but in this case, let's all hope big brother Lorenzo doesn't end up with lipstick on his face.

Do you think Snooki is embracing the fact that she's having a daughter?

Image via snookinic/Instagram

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