Macklemore's 'Racist' Costume Sparks Major Backlash

MacklemoreOn Friday night, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis performed a secret show in Seattle to honor a new exhibit at the city's EMP Museum. The thing about this that actually makes it news is how Macklemore was dressed: in a fake beard, wig, and nose. Okay, even that wouldn't be particularly noteworthy except for the particulars of his choice of costume. Among many other negative reactions, Gawker described it as "a deeply racist caricature," "the stereotype of a greedy, hook-nosed Jewish man," and "like literal Nazi propaganda."

Social media virtually exploded with accusations of anti-Semitism for the Grammy Award winner, and after remaining quiet all weekend, Macklemore has posted an official response to the controversy.


Well, "official" in that he's tweeted about it. But let's back up to a few of the reactions to his costume:

My personal feeling about the whole controversy is that I doubt Macklemore purposefully chose the outfit to evoke Jewish stereotypes. I mean, if for no other reason that being called out as a racist really sort of goes against his whole 'Same Love' branding, you know? But I do think he should have looked in the mirror at some point and thought, Oooh, you know, maybe not such a great idea. And I definitely feel like he could have posted a better response than this:

Yeah, I get the need to state that he didn't have bad intentions, but the higher road would have been an apology rather than a knee-jerk defense. Considering how many Jewish people were offended, this was a chance for him to say something more than 'Hey, it's not MY fault you thought it was racist.'

Also, in the follow-up articles that are slamming Macklemore, plenty of folks seem to be dredging up this old tweet as "proof" he's a bad person:

Except that post was a reference to a 2005 hip-hop track. So we probably shouldn't take out-of-context tweets as evidence that Macklemore's a deranged truther that hates Jews ... at least not yet.

What's your take, do you think Macklemore's costume was offensive? Do you think he meant it to be?

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