Lea Michele's New 'On My Way' Video Tries Way Too Hard (WATCH)

Lea Michele On My WayHow many times does a girl have to arch her back and stick her bum out before she's officially trying too hard? There may not be an exact number, but Lea Michele definitely achieved it in her latest music video "On My Way."

It's the second hit off her debut album Louder, following the wrenching ballad "Cannonball." The music video for that one was really good and definitely broke the Glee-tastic Rachel Berry mode we're used to seeing Lea in. But it's almost like she wanted to prove she could be serious and deep in the first one, and now she just wants to go all-out sexy.


She grinds on a door. She struts in bed. She's wet in a bathtub. At one point champagne explodes. It's like she took every sexual cliche and wrapped it all up in one music video. There are bananas, you guys. And she's jumping on the bed. Girls licking popsicles. Full-on bend-and-snap head flips. Pillow fighting occurs, and a kitten makes an appearance. It's a lot of a lot.

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It's actually kind of painful to watch just because Lea Michele is so much better than this. And I really like the song! Who hasn't felt this way about love before -- "When my head tells me no, my heart tells me yes"? Or, "My heart's too drunk to drive, but I'm on my way to you"?

It's a great song, totally upbeat and fun, but this video kills it. Lea is one of those rare triple threats, and she's likeable. She doesn't have to go all "sexy beast" on us to be relevant. She's talented. Very talented. This cheapens it, in my opinion.

On the plus side, at least she didn't twerk and she kept her tongue in her mouth. There's still hope for her!

Do you think Lea's trying too hard in "On My Way"?


Image via Mike Ownby/Flickr

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