Kim Kardashian Gets Scandalous Gift From Ex-Boyfriend

Kim KardashianKim Kardashian can expect some awesome wedding gifts this month -- but possibly none more awesomer than what ex-boyfriend and fellow sex tape star Ray J is offering her: a check for $46,000. TMZ reports that Ray J is such a great guy that he wants to give Kim a check for that much, since it's her share of what their sex tape reaped for the first quarter of 2014. He'll probably send it with a nice wedding card too.


TMZ reports that Ray J and Kim earn the same amount of money on the tape -- which has so far grossed $50 million since it was "leaked" (are we still supposed to pretend this wasn't planned?) in 2007! Wow. That might end up being the most successful thing Kim ever does!

TMZ says that Ray J is offering Kim the check for her wedding gift -- but if she doesn't want it, he'll send the money to her favorite charity. Awww. I wonder what her fave charity would be? Anyway, that's sweet of Ray J.

This whole gossip item baffles me though since, a) why would Ray J be collecting Kim's share of the sex tape payments? b) wouldn't they have long ago figured out a way to split the cash?

But anyway, true or not, it's a funny story. That would be one helluva wedding gift. Maybe the tape's distributor, Vivid Entertainment, can put out a wedding anniversary version.


Image via Instagram/Vivid

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