Kim Kardashian Finally Admits Mom Kris Jenner Is 'Evil'

Kim Khloe KardashianKim Kardashian has done it everyone. She has finally said what the public has long voiced. That her mother, Kris Jenner, is evil! Of course, the difference is that Kim was kidding around and being cutesy. We, on the other hand, are quite serious! Kim posted a photo of herself and her two sisters as children on her Instagram account, and flat out called her mom "evil."




The girls are all wearing matching red skirts, blue and red sweaters, white tights and red bows in their hair. In other words, an outfit they wouldn't be caught dead in today. You can already tell that it is Kim who craves the limelight, as she stares straight into the camera and takes a very confident stance.

Take a look:

Kim accompanied the photo with the hashtag:



And yes, those outfits are a bit evil.

It's very odd to see Khloe so much younger and smaller than the other two, given that today she is the tallest and also often takes on a "wise big sister" roles to the others.

You can also see a lot of Nori is Kim's young face -- which looks nothing like her face now, of course.

Well, who knew all of the girls would grow up to be held in such high regard fashion-wise and have their own clothing line given what they are sporting here. Of course, you can always blame Kris Jenner. Kim did!

Do you think they look cute?


Image via Instagram

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