Tori Spelling Celebrates 41st Birthday and Dean is Nowhere to Be Found (PHOTOS)

At this time 12 months ago, Tori Spelling was celebrating her milestone 40th birthday on a Mexican beach with husband, Dean McDermott, and their 4 young kiddies. She looked well rested and radiant. Fast forward to yesterday, when the actress turned 41, and you'll see things have changed a lot. She still looks fresh and fantastic -- which is a mystery given the many marriage woes she's dealt with recently. But her estranged hubby was nowhere to be found when she blew out her birthday candles. And Tori didn't let that keep her from celebrating her life.


The Mystery Girls star posted 3 photos on Instagram to show us how her day was shaping up. She captioned the first, "My first bday celebration" and posed with 6-year-old Liam and a plate of candled goodies:

She followed up with a pic of Liam and 5-year-old Stella and wrote: "A birthday donut from my babes... #happymama"

Tori's third and final snap from her big day gives us a glimpse into another aspect of life that is holding her head up above water these days: her job. Rumor has it Dean is in Canada and wasn't able to help her celebrate, but Tori's cast mates helped pick up the slack:

Tori captioned this photo: "I'm a lucky lady. Blessed w/ an incredible work family at #mysterygirls Felt so loved & celebrated while getting 2do what I am passionate about! #LoveMyJob"

I know obligations come up and we can't always help having to travel for work or personal reasons, but considering how dedicated Dean claims he is to making their marriage work after he cheated on her, you'd think he would have managed it so he could be there for Tori on her birthday. I hope he has a good excuse for missing it and that he gets her a gift that is slightly more meaningful than the lingerie he bought her for their anniversary.

Do you think Dean's absence from Tori's birthday spells the beginning of the end for this couple?

Images via Instagram

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