Khloe Kardashian Sets the Record Straight About Her Butt

Kim Khloe KardashianKhloe Kardashian recently showed up big sis Kim, at least in the booty department -- which we all thought was totally Kim's department and no one could even get in the same store as Kim. But it turns out that Khloe has an ass too, dammit! The pair appeared on the red carpet together at an E! Network event wearing similar little black dresses, but one sis had the shaplier derriere. And it wasn't the sis you would expect.


It's possible that Khloe's butt just appeared so much more pert than Kim's because of the angle. But no wait. It actually looks more pert than Kim's in ALL the camera angles.

Of course, people began speculating that Khloe has had some recent butt injections.

Then word clearly got back to Khlo that people were doubting her ass skills, so she lashed out on Twitter, saying:


Baby has always had back, people! Plus, there are certainly ways of getting a firm toosh without butt injections. Everyone knows Koko rocks her some Spanx, she probably got some with a built-in butt lifter or something. We already know she wears a waist cincher.

If a gust of strong wind came along and blew off Khloe and Kim's dresses, we'd likely see more complex machinery than Dorothy saw when Toto lifted the curtain on the Great Oz.

Do you think Khloe had ass injections? Here's video of the sisters exiting their hotel. Listen to how the crowd screams!

Who's got the better behind?


Image via SartorialPhoto / Splash News

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