Emily Maynard's Bachelorette Party Cake Sparks Serious Pregnancy Rumors (PHOTO)

Emily MaynardCould Emily Maynard possibly have more to celebrate than just her upcoming nuptials to her hometown sweetheart Tyler Johnson? The former Bachelorette contestant was out last weekend having the time of her life at her "white trash" inspired bacherlorette party, where her cake may have given a huge hint that she's already expecting.

The gorgeous and super fun confection was topped with a Barbie doll in a pink wedding dress and curlers in her plastic strands of hair -- and holding a shotgun. Could Emily, who was once dubbed "Southern Barbie," be headed into a shotgun wedding?


Already the mom of 8-year-old Ricki, this reality star has never been shy about her desire for more kids. Just last week she said, "I've got to have a baby soon!"

And why not? She's finally found the man of her dreams, and after three previous engagements that never made it to the alter, she's determined to "actually making it to the marriage part this time!" So what if it's a shotgun wedding? This is 2014 -- marriage doesn't necessarily have to come before the baby carriage anymore.

Besides, what's her rush with the short engagement? Is she trying to get hitched before she has to buy her dress from the "It's Not Too Late" maternity wedding dress store? A growing baby bump would sure explain it!

Eh, she's probably not knocked up yet, as much as we would swell with happiness at such an announcement. Just look at her bachelorette party pictures ... that's clearly champagne in her glass.

We're just so happy this southern belle has finally found her happy ending that we're just as eager as she is to see her with a growing belly and then another sweet little one. You'll have to excuse us if we occasionally "jump the gun" on the official Emily Maynard Bump Watch.

Do you think Emily and Tyler will wait long before trying to get pregnant?


Image via Emily Maynard/Instagram

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