Kendall Jenner's Scandalous Behavior Is Really Getting Out of Control (PHOTO)

Kendall Jenner

Can I get a show of hands as to who else thinks Kendall Jenner probably should've been sent over to Cannes with a chaperone or two?

Man. I know she's 18 and all, but she seems to be getting into more than her fair share of antics over there. First Kendall flashed her butt on a hotel balcony, and then she went and purposely showed off her side boob on Instagram.

And now she's posted yet another suggestive photo, and this time she's talking about taking her clothes off all together.

Check it out.


I know this seems like a fairly innocent picture, but she captioned it with, "Baby, we should hit the south of France. So you could run around without them pants."

Kendall Jenner

Um, excuse me? Is she talking about hitting up a nude beach, or this her funny way of letting everyone know that she and the other chick in the photo are commando under those dresses? Based on just how far those slits in the leg come up, let's hope that's not the case. (Yikes!)

But seriously, what's up with Kendall being so provocative all of a sudden? (While not on the runway, I mean.)

It's not like she needs the extra attention, given how gorgeous she is, so perhaps this is just a case of her letting loose a bit since she's across the pound without mommy and daddy? I guess that's a phase pretty much every young woman goes through at one point or another, though 18 does seem a little young. (Or maybe I'm just naive?)

Hopefully Kendall will tone things down a bit from here on out, otherwise people might start to get the wrong idea about her. She really does seem like a nice, down-to-earth girl, so it would be a real shame if she wound up taking this wild streak too far.

Are you surprised at Kendall's recent behavior?


Images via Instagram

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