Khloe Kardashian is 'Taunting' Lamar Odom in Totally Awesome Way

Khloe KardashianJust in case you were wondering why Khloe Kardashian seems so public with her relationship with rapper French Montana, including being seen out partying with him frequently and even introducing him to mom Kris Jenner and sister Kim Kardashian (which he promptly announced on social media), well, reportedly it's all part of her master plan, bwahahaha. Her plan for what, you say? Oh, can you really be that naive? To make Lamar jealous, of course!


A source says that Khloe's new relationship, hot on the heels of her break-up with Lamar, has nothing to do with her simply wanting to move on, oh noooooo, it's all about getting back at her (allegedly) drugging, cheating ex. The source claims:

She’s been taunting Lamar about her relationship with French. She has told Lamar that French treats her like a queen, and she is very happy with him.

Err, so wait a second? Khloe and Lamar still chat?

Well, if she did say those exact words -- "he treats me like a queen" -- then maybe there's some truth to this report.

But even if she is trying to make Lamar a wee bit jealous, who cares? She has every right. I doubt she'd date someone she doesn't like, just to stick it to Lamar. She probably truly does care for French. But getting Lamar all worked up is just the icing on the cake.

There's really nothing that can make an old lover pissed off like a new one.

Do you think she's trying to make Lamar jealous?


Image via Instagram

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