'90210' Villain Shannen Doherty Speaks Out About Tori Spelling Baring It All (VIDEO)

Shannen DohertyTurns out we're not the only ones astonished at Tori Spelling's willingness to reveal everything about her explosive marriage on her reality series True Tori. Her old Beverly Hills 90210 costars are just as gobmsacked. Or at least one is. Shannen Doherty recently appeared on the Arsenio Hall Show and was asked about her old friend. Shannen's response is pretty hilarious.


Says Shannen: "I watch the show and here is my face," then she drops her jaw like this:

I know, right? That's usually how I look too. Shannen continues:

I mean, wow. Wow. It is just all out there. She is baring her soul. I think that everybody has their process on what's cathartic for them and how to deal with something and this might be hers.

Arsenio asks her what she would have said if Tori had called and asked for her advice about doing a show.

I would have told her to do whatever she felt was the best for her. My heart does break for her ... meantime, it's making for some amazing TV.

Shannen, who looks like she's worked out a lot of her issues that she had in her teens and 20s, and comes across as strong and caring, says that Tori needs to love herself and ignore the haters. Advice we could all stand to take!

But it does sound like those two aren't friends anymore, or at least don't keep up with each other. Meanwhile, Tori and Jennie Garth are still best buds and costarring in a new show, Mystery Girls. And as Jason Priestly made clear in his memoir, he's no Shannen fan either. Too bad she burned all of her bridges there, but it sounds like she's learned from it.

Just for the record, here is my cat watching True Tori:

Do you remember Shannen? What advice would YOU have for Tori?

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