Kanye West's Confession About Kim Kardashian's Pregnancy Is None of Our Business

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Warning -- what you're about to read is something you could potentially think is a major dose of "TMI" -- but I'm gonna go ahead and tell you anyway.

While gushing about his love of Italy in an interview with Florence's La Nazione newspaper, Kanye West said North West was conceived in Florence, "among the Renaissance masterpieces" -- whatever the hell that means.

(Let's hope he wasn't being literal. Ew.)

But honestly, did we really need a visual of Kimye doing the dirty on vacation? (No. No, we didn't.)


And if dishing on his sex life with Kim Kardashian isn't interesting enough, get a load of this odd comment Kanye made. He said of their time in Italy last year, "It was our first honeymoon. It is one of the most beautiful cities in the world -- for me the most beautiful in Europe."

Their first what?? I thought honeymoons only happened after a wedding. (My bad.)

But if what he says is true and North really was conceived in Italy, then it totally makes sense for Kim and Kanye to marry in Florence versus Paris, where it was initially assumed their nuptials would take place.

Oh come on -- Kanye and Kim are all about symbolism and all that good stuff, so it seems perfectly fitting for them to tie the knot in the place where they started a family together. And as over-the-top and indulgent as these two can be, it's actually pretty sweet and romantic that they want their love story to come full circle by marrying in a place that's so near and dear to their hearts.

Huh. When you think about it in that sense, it almost makes you want to root for them as far as having a lasting marriage goes. They're obviously very in love (or at least they think they are) at this point in time, so it's only right that we wish them all the best as they embark on this new journey as husband and wife.

Of course, something tells me the notion that their relationship is somewhat normal will be short lived -- because you know one of them will do something crazy and outrageous at the wedding that will make us think they're totally self-involved again. (Like wearing crowns, or whatever.)

Do you think it's sweet that Kim and Kanye are marrying in Italy?


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