Kendall Jenner Shows Off 'Engagement Ring' at Cannes Film Festival (PHOTO)

Kendall JennerIs Kendall Jenner having a little engagement envy? If so, who could blame her. She's watched her big sister Kim showered with not one, but two, multimillion dollar weddings (or at least will see the second one soon). She's seen the over-the-top proposals and engagement parties. If she's an engagement-inclined girl, she must be pea green with envy. And judging by a picture she posted on Instagram, it looks like Kendall may be jonesing for her own engagement.


Kendall posted a pic of her hand, bearing two flawless diamond rings, with the caption:

no ones putting a ring on it so I put 2 :) ...

The rings are Chopard, and the pic was taken at the Cannes Film Festival. Kendall is obviously over at Cannes enjoying the sun and the films. And, hey, maybe looking for her next boyfriend; one who might put a ring on it. Given that Ryan Gosling and Robert Pattinson are both at the festival this year -- she has some hot guys to choose from!

At 18, Kendall is probably a bit too young to be engaged, but she's clearly seen how it can skyrocket a Kardashian career. And not just the Kardashians. How many D-list celebs get their own show just because they get engaged or married? It's become a branding exercise now.

The rings, which she paired with black nails, are truly stunning, and might even start a new trend -- two engagement rings instead of one! Wouldn't you just love that, fellas?

Do you Kendall is itching to get married?


Image via Instagram

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