Robin Thicke’s New Song 'Get Her Back' Won’t Get Paula Back

Robin ThickePoor Robin Thicke. He's still desperately trying to get his estranged wife, Paula Patton, back. He spent much of his Blurred Lines tour groveling to his ex in front of audiences. And now he's even written a new song called "Get Her Back." You can probably guess who it's about. If you can't, please see a doctor.


TMZ reports that it obtained a copy of the new track, which Robin will debut at the Billboard Music Awards, and it contains touching lyrics such as:

-- "All I wanna do is make it right"
-- "I gotta get her, go get her back / I gotta treat her right / I gotta cherish her for life"
-- "I should've kissed you longer / I should've held you stronger / And I'll wait for forever for you."

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Robin is making a pretty compelling case for Paula to rethink matters. But I think there are some lyrics he's forgotten. He may want to add them into the live event. (Robin, I'll split royalties with you.) Here they are:
-- "All I wanna do is show her I'm not a schmuck anymore."
-- "I shouldn't have twerked with Miley at the VMAs. But it wasn't me. It was all Miley."
-- "I shouldn't have grabbed that girl's ass. I told you, I was drunk, I don't remember it. I still think it was an optical illusion."
-- "I shouldn't have kissed that chick on the dance floor. I didn't think anyone was watching. Plus, I was drunk."
-- "I shouldn't have slept with the masseuse. But you were sleeping with her too, so I thought it was okay. I'm still sort of confused about that."
Ahh, sweet love.
So far, Paula has proven to be the anti-Tori Spelling and isn't having it.
Do you think Robin will win her back with this song?

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