Kendall Jenner Puts Her Butt in Spotlight at Cannes

Kendall Jenner

Doh! If there were ever a question over whether or not wearing a dress with a short hemline while standing on a hotel balcony on a windy day is a good idea, I guess we finally have our answer. Because after seeing Kendall Jenner's butt on display from a hotel in Cannes, it's obvious that this is most definitely not a winning combination.

After the wind blew up her dress, poor Kendall tried to recover as quickly as possible by grabbing her backside and pulling the frock back down, but it was too late. With the paparazzi camped outside the Hotel Martinez hoping to catch a glimpse of her, it's really no surprise that they snapped shots of more than they bargained for.


Ugh. What is it with the KDash crew and wardrobe malfunctions this week? Between Kendall's rear end sneak peek and Khloe Kardshian's unfortunate camel toe, these two sisters have really put themselves out there, to say the least.

And another thing, aside from wardrobe malfunctions, all of the Kardashian/Jenner sisters seem to take turns as far as whose butt is the most talked about in the media at any given point in time. Since Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, and now Kendall have all had their moment in the spotlight, I guess we can expect Mama Kris to go after her piece at some point in the near future. She can't have her daughters hogging all the fun.

(Duh. Kylie's too young for this sort of nonsense.)

Would you be embarrassed if you were Kendall?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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