Khloe Kardashian Suffers Most Mortifying Wardrobe Malfunction Imaginable

Khloe Kardashian

When it comes to wardrobe malfunctions, there are those that are slightly embarrassing, those that are downright hilarious, and then there are those mishaps that are so damn humiliating, it almost seems forbidden to even speak of them.

Like Khloe Kardashian's camel toe, for instance. (It's ok to go ahead and cringe a little before reading on. Totally understandable.)

OMG. The poor thing. Unfortunately the paparazzi happened to capture a shot of her at exactly the wrong angle while she was jetting out of LAX with Kim Kardashian -- and now exactly everyone knows that her choice of jeans for flying were just a little bit too tight.


OMG. Is this like, every gal's worst nightmare when it comes to pants, or what?

Nothing quite says total and utter humiliation like having your vag out on display -- and honestly the camel toe phenomenon is almost worse than if you were caught wearing no pants at all. (I said "almost.")

Sigh. Khloe doesn't strike me as the type to let something like this bring her down, but still -- she should probably consider sticking to things like dresses and/or leggings the next time she's about to hop on a plane. Regardless of how unsightly those jeans are in the front, I can't imagine they were too comfortable to sit in for hours on end at 30,000 feet.

Have you ever encountered the dreaded camel toe?


Image via Splash

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