Prince Harry's First Tweet Is Totally Out of Character

Prince Harry Invictus Games

Well it's about damn time! I know the royals aren't exactly the most social media savvy people out there, but now that Prince Harry has finally tweeted? There may be hope for them yet as far as becoming even more mainstream goes.

Yes, I said Harry tweeted. As in he picked up an iPad and sent a message out on behalf of the @InvictusLondon account -- and he even joked that he doesn't even know how to type properly.

(Giggle. That Harry. What a cheeky dude he is.)

Ok, so I'm sure you want to see what he had to say. 


Here's his debut tweet.

Aww. Very cute. And so nice of him to support such a good cause.

But let's be honest -- aren't you the least bit curious as to what Harry's Twitter feed would actually say if he had one of his own? (Of course you are.)

Let's speculate over what he would've posted between his breakup with Cressida Bonas and the aftermath of that wild wedding weekend in Memphis.

"My apologies for ruining all of your high hopes for another royal wedding. But it's time to move on. #MarriageIsForSuckers"

"Uh, I wasn't talking to you Kate and Wills. #GetOverIt"

"Hey bro -- ready to get our party on and eat some brilliant barbecue while we're at it? #MemphisBaby"

"You know what they say ... what happens in Memphis stays in Memphis."

"Bloody hell -- I'm a single man and I can do whatever or whomever I please."

"Sorry Twitter. It's been real but I can't handle this rubbish. #Bye"

What do you think Prince Harry would really say on Twitter if he could?


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