‘RHONJ’ Teaser Shows a Cast Ready to Claw Each Other’s Eyes Out (VIDEO)

real housewives of new jerseyIf you thought NeNe Leakes and company had a crazy season, wait to you catch the new episodes of the Real Housewives of New Jersey. We won't be able to take our eyes off of the train wreck that is Teresa and Joe Giudice's life these days. They could lose everything and end up with prison time and the Bravo cameras capture every single minute of it. And that's not all: a vicious former castmate returns and the newcomers promise to bring plenty of over-the-top bitchiness too.


It's easy to roll our eyes at the trouble that the Giudice's find themselves in. They were two of the most arrogant and rude trouble-makers in the show's history. In their eyes, everyone else was always the problem. That attitude certainly didn't engender much sympathy from castmates nor fans. However, seeing how devastated their kids are about the prospect of them going to prison is heartwrenching.

Crazy right? And it's clearly not just Teresa and Joe that will leave us dropped-jawed this go-round. Dina Manzo returns to the show and as she says, "The bitch is back and you can kiss my ass." Translation, she is trouble. Think about it: this woman is at war with her own sister (Caroline Manzo), so you know she is going to unleash on any other Real Housewife that crosses her.

Though, the newbies look like that can give as much as they get. Melisa's old friend Amber Marchese is a breast cancer survivor grateful to be alive. However, her health struggles definitely haven't taken the fight out of her. And did you get a load of those crazy twins Teresa Aprea and Nicole Mauriello. They are ready for battle. It's doubtful any of these newbies will give anyone a chance to stab them in the back. Oh yea, this promises to be one wild season!

Who is your favorite new New Jersey housewife?


Image via BravoTV.com

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