Lamar Odom Humiliated by Khloe Kardashian in the Most Pathetic Way

Lamar Odom

Um, talk about an awkward moment! As if their divorce battle wasn't already painful enough, Lamar Odom was denied entrance to a club in West Hollywood -- because Khloe Kardashian and French Montana were partying inside.

A camera crew for Keeping Up With the Kardashians caught the whole thing on video (because of course they did) -- which of course raised speculation that the whole thing was some sort of set up. I mean, humiliating Lamar for the sake of ratings totally makes sense, right?


But according to TMZ, a rep for the club says that Lamar showing up was a coicidence and it was their decision to turn him away, because they didn't want to wind up with a big brawl going down, a la Chris Brown/Drake.

And while I highly doubt she'd do anything to intentionally embarrass him, you know Khloe has to be getting a good kick out of the fact that her estranged husband was turned away from the place where she was hanging out with her new man.

Nothing quite spells sweet revenge like your ex knowing you've happily moved on with another dude -- and Lamar being denied entrance to the club lends itself to Khloe holding the upper hand in the divorce for sure. And even though they haven't been super public as a couple, it's pretty obvious that Khloe and French are growing more serious by the day.

They weren't even alone at the club that night, as Kim Kardashian was there as well. Check out this photo French posted to Instagram, labeling Kim his "BFF."

Kim Kardashian French Montana

Guess the fam officially approves?

And if they do -- then this probably won't be the last time Lamar is shunned and reminded of everything he lost in his split from Khloe. Unfortunately, it looks as though his reputation took a much bigger hit than he expected.

Do you think Lamar and French would've gotten into a fight if he'd entered the club?


Images via Pacific Coast News/Instagram

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