Kate Middleton's Phone Hacked 155 Times & It's All Prince William's Fault

Kate Middleton

Remember the whole scandal about the royals being spied on and having their conversations listened to and all that jazz? Yeah, well we knew it was bad, but we had no idea just how much they truly were violated.

Get this one -- Former News of the World Royal Editor Clive Goodman hacked Kate Middleton's phone 155 times, something he fessed up to in court.

Yep. He first got a hold of Kate's voice mails back in 2005, when he intercepted them on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and on Boxing Day. He then started hacking Prince William and Prince Harry in 2006, and then of course he was arrested in August of the same year, putting an end to the eavesdropping.


He explained how he obtained Kate's voice mails via private detective saying,  "Glenn Mulcaire offered them - she was a figure of increasing importance around the royal family. There were discussions about her and Prince William marrying, moving in, settling down. She started to receive semi-royal status around the Royal Family."

Okkkkk -- and that somehow made this dude feel like he had a right to listen to her intimate conversations and/or messages? (Yeah. That makes sense.)

And given the time that the phone hacking occurred, odds are good that he overheard some pretty juicy exchanges, being that this was during a time when Kate and Wills relationship was really heating up. Considering how prim, proper, and private the royals are, they have to be more than a bit embarrassed and mortified that this guy got wind of whatever they happened to say.

Geez. It's a good thing they caught this dude when they did, otherwise he'd have really been in for an earful as time went on and Kate and Wills got engaged. (Can you imagine if that info had been leaked before they announced it? OMG.)

But even though the spying has been over for quite some time, it still has to sting a bit for Kate, especially now that she knows the extent of how many times her phone was hacked! There are plenty of perks that go along with being Prince Williams girlfriend/wife, but being the target of people who have absolutely no respect for barriers or privacy most definitely isn't one of them.

Would you feel violated if you were Kate?


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