Kylie Jenner's Latest Shocker Shows How Desperately She Wants to Be Different

Kylie JennerWow, every day it's a new weird thing with Kylie Jenner. Whether she's hanging with Justin Bieber, forgetting pants, or tattooing Lionel Richie's son, always something up with this gal. But she's 16. If I was famous and had Instagram at 16 -- I shudder to think what would have happened! But let's get to Kylie's latest shocker ...


Yesterday, Kylie emerged from the Andy LeCompte hair salon sporting green locks. Kylie often experiments wth different hair colors, including bright blue streaks, pink and green streaks, and blond tips.

Kylie is definitely turning out to be the "rebellious" Kardashian -- and, hey, I'd rather see her go a little "punk" (no offense to real punks) than wearing micro-minis and hanging out with Justin Bieber.

Perhaps this is Kylie's way of making a statement against the money-grubbing corporate mentality norm that her family has embraced.

Ah, who am I kidding? She's just a kid playing around with her hair. I can't say the green hair is too flattering, but at this age, teens are trying to find themselves. And it must suck to have such famous siblings, all of whom are almost carbon-copies of each other, and try to have your own identity. At least Kylie isn't, so far, going the Rob route of becoming deeply depressed and gaining massive amounts of weight.

So if experimenting with her hair gives her a sense of purpose, then so be it. Though she could still volunteer at a soup kitchen or help build water wells in Namibia. Just a thought! A crrrrraaaaazy thought.

Do you like Kylie's green hair?


Image via Instagram

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