Beyonce's Latest Move Following Solange Attack Scandal Is a Little Too Fake

Solange Jay Z BeyonceWhile the world is still desperately trying to figure out what Solange Knowles said to Jay Z in the Standard Hotel elevator (we've all apparently given up on finding Flight 370), one thing is certain: Beyonce seems to have forgiven her little sis. The superstar shared four sweet photos of her and Solange on Instagram yesterday.


The photos were all uploaded the same day, May 14, and show Bey and Solange in a variety of loving sisterly poses. There's Solange hugging Bey onstage at a concert. There's the pair smiling at what looks like an awards show. And there they are in what looks like the back seat of a car. The message is clear: "There is NOTHING WRONG with our relationship! We love each other! We are fiiiiiine."

But just like those updates couples do on Facebook when they're a little too eager to prove how in love they are, something about the gallery of photos is a bit too strident. And given how Beyonce is able to give a plastic smile through anything -- even her sister trying to pummel her husband -- her standard way of dealing with things seems to be "deny, deny, deny." Beyonce strikes me as the type of person who could really use some therapy. Who stands there staring blankly while her sister tries to stab her husband with a stiletto heel?

Solange, meanwhile, scrubbed Beyonce from her Instagram account and that hasn't changed.

Rumor has it that Jay Z and Solange have actually patched things up and were seen in a jewelry store together in New York. Though I find this item suspect. There's not even any pics of them.

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Rumors are also rampant that the reason the two were arguing is because of long-simmering tensions over Solange's stalled career -- and her ire was triggered when Jay Z planned to attend a Rihanna party without Beyonce. But who knows. I'm sure we'll hear more theories about this than JFK's assassination.

At least for Beyonce, it appears she holds no ill will towards her little sis. Hell, maybe she was happy to see Jay Z get his.

Do you get the feeling Beyonce didn't mind Solange's attack?


Image via Instagram

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